Hustler Hollywood Reward Point Payout

In case you’re not familiar with the rewards program at the Hustler Casino, basically, they keep track of each hour of your play and you get points for rewards.  You can either get free food, a coupon for the in-casino store, or the Hustler Hollywood store.  Since the food is free at the $300+ tables, I never use my points.

Last year, for Christmas, I took all my Hustler Casino reward points (or whatever it’s called) and bought a bunch of presents at the Hustler Hollywood store.  But more recently, I’ve noticed signs and notices at the casino telling me that if I don’t use my points for 6 months, they go away.  Damn it.

They must have learned this trick from the airlines and cell phone companies.  Oh well.  No matter.  Since it’s half way into the year, I decided I’d better cash out my reward points before they expire.  I went to one of those kiosks and printed out my coupon for Hustler Hollywood.

By chance, they had their Hustler girl Hoodies on sale ($16 off regular price) so I decided to just load up on them and hold them until this coming Christmas.  That’s right boys and girls.  I’m doing my Christmas shopping in June.  Can you beat that?

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Regarding my poker background, I’ve been playing since 2003 (yes, the Moneymaker factor), and have won several small tournaments, and have cashed at the main event of the World Series of Poker. I also play cash games at local casinos and sometimes at home games.

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