Rio Casino offers topless strippers poolside

According to an article on the Vancouver Sun, Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas now offers topless strippers at their pool. This area is separate from the regular area and there is a cover charge from $30 to $50.

The strippers work at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas and work at the Rio pool on a part time basis. They get some free food and drinks and sun. The article did not reveal if the strippers are paid to work there by Rio or are there for Sapphire as promoters.

All this is in keeping with Vegas’ move away from the “family” entertainment center to more “adult” entertainment with their “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan.

Technically, it is not illegal for a casino to have a strip club but the Nevada Gaming Control Board has refused to hand out permits to allow this. However, topless poolside areas are not prohibited and several casios in Vegas has created areas for guests to be topless. Rio is the first casino to “hire” strippers to lounge around the pool topless.

This trend is what I’ve been waiting for. Vegas is getting back to it’s roots again. Sin city here I come.

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