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My friend noticed that I didn’t post anything for the entire month of October.  Well, it was a combination of things, but mostly it was jury duty.  Since I’m used to waking up late, having to do jury duty put me on a weird schedule that made me tired all the time.  I just didn’t feel like writing anything.

Over the years, I’ve been on a jury 5 times, so this wasn’t anything new for me.  The case I was on was a commercial burglary, so it was fairly straight forward. Or so I thought.

When we took our first poll, it was 7 to 5, so I knew we were in for some work.  After having the testimony re-read to us by the court reporter, and spending a couple of hours re-drawing the map of the area on the white board, the count was 9 to 3.  In fact, at one point, the number went back to 8 to 4.

After 4 days of deliberation, the 12 of us finally came to a verdict on the case, at least on one of the 2 counts.  I guess one man’s simple case is another man’s enigma.

What does all this have to do with anything?  Actually, this was the first time that I was picked for a panel on jury duty since I started playing poker.  I didn’t realize it but playing poker and looking for tells, and watching the players have made me a better juror.  In the past, I struggled to see who was lying, and who I should trust.  This time around, it seemed a lot easier to me because of my poker training.

This made me think that maybe the lawyers should play some poker.  As a matter of fact, Mark Seif, a professional poker player, is (or was) a lawyer.  It might even be a good idea to ask potential jurors if they play poker.

Another talent that seems to work well with poker is being a magician.  I used to do some magic tricks starting from about Junior High to about 9th grade when I lost interest when I found computers.  Of course, Antonio Esfandiari was a magician, and that’s his poker nickname as well.

Therefore, a lawyer that’s also a magician probably would be one of the best poker players possible.


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Regarding my poker background, I’ve been playing since 2003 (yes, the Moneymaker factor), and have won several small tournaments, and have cashed at the main event of the World Series of Poker. I also play cash games at local casinos and sometimes at home games.

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